About Us

Who We Are

Since 2017, Lingo Bus has provided language teaching services to over 85,000 students between 4-15 years old from 108 different countries. Customers can Choose from one-on-one classes with a certified language teacher or a small group class of up to four students. The game-based curriculum is designed to engage and inspire beginners and heritage speakers alike. Lingo Bus has been recognized by multiple U.S. schools and school districts in Virginia, California, Georgia, Maryland and South Carolina. Visit lingobus.com to learn more!

Our Method

All of our curriculum framework is underpinned by National Standard for Language Learning and 21st Century Skills for World Languages (The 5Cs: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons and Communities). Our language goals are designed in accordance with ACTFL and YCT language standards.
We believe for ages 4-15 the immersion method is the most effective way of learning a foreign language. Children are the most receptive to this approach, and complete immersion with our curriculum will ensure that they learn faster and more comprehensively than other methods. We put a strong focus on cultural awareness in our lessons through activities and themes we use in our curriculum.

1. PPP (Presenting, Practice, Production).

2. TPR (Total Physical Response).

This is the process of making the learning process more interactive for kids by learning from visual and actual visual and audial input. Similar to play-based learning it allows children to learn kinetically.

3. Scaffolding.

To foster children’s independence in their own learning. We use strategies called “scaffolding” which provide a concrete context for them to build off their understanding. These can be: