Technology questions

    For desktop computer/laptop: You can download Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to take the class.
    For iPad: You can download our APP: Lingo Bus
    All you need is a webcam and a headset for a better class environment.
    We have firemen who serve 24/7 hours. You can ask the fireman for help immediately at "Want to talk" or "the chat box" inside the classroom during the class. You can also Contact us after the class through messenger or by Email.

Schedule a class

    Yes. For your convenience, all the time on the website is based on your local time.

    You may book classes at any time. But you must book a class at least 24 hours in advance. The furthest in advance you can book a class is 14 days. See the example below.


    We suggest you book 2-3 classes for a week for a better study achievement.

    Yes. You have the option of canceling a scheduled class at any time.
    But please note that if you cancel a class before 24 hours, it is free to cancel.However, if you cancel a class within 24 hours, you will be charged in full to compensate teacher's time.

Payment and pricing

    Each session costs $20. But if you buy more than one lesson we offer discounts on selected bundles. Log in to see all the pricing information.
    You can pay with Paypal, Credit card, or Alipay.
    You may ask for a refund for any unused classes which have been purchased within 1 year.
    Amount of refund = the amount paid for the Course - the number of completed Sessions as schedule (including no-shows) × the price per Session at the time of purchase

Security and privacy

    All Lingo Bus teachers undergo a strict selection process as well as receive a confidential information training. We record every session your child attends and each session is monitored by a Lingo Bus course manager in real time.
    We ensure all personal information will be protected. We will not reveal customer information to any external organization unless required by law. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


    We provide feedback from our teachers within 24 hours of each class. You can see the feedback from the study center. Besides, we have an assessment of each unit, and you can check the assessment report.
    You can contact us immediately through "want to talk" on the right bottom corner. We provide a 24/7 hours service. Or you can write us an email to service@lingobus.com
    Please refer to our "Contact Us" page for more information.